Saturday, September 12, 2009

26.2 Miles!

Tomorrow is a big day for me. Marathon day!
While running yesterday for the last time before the actual race on Sunday, I was thinking how excited and nervous about this whole marathon thing I really am. I have those butterflies in my stomach I used to have when a big swim meet was coming up back in the days. I pretty much have been an "athlete" my entire life, swimming a ridiculous amount miles, lifting, running, and doing everything else we did at 5:30 am before others were even awake. But I truly believe that a continuous 26.2 mile run will be the hardest physical experience I will ever go through. Amy reminded me yesterday that while running the marathon will be very hard, she gave BIRTH, and that is in a whole other level of difficulty! So around mile 20, when I will be feeling exhausted, and will want to just stop running, sit down and cry, I'll make sure to remember January 2nd 2009, when Amy was going to a very long 12 hour labor.....the SuperUltraIronman if you will. That should help me keep going.
Next week I will be letting you know how it goes.......have a good one.