Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The waiting game continues...
Last day of the year, Christmas lights are down, due date is past, and no baby yet!
You know what they say, "good things don't come easy" and since Claire is the best thing that ever happened to us, I would not expect her to come in any other way.
On a different subject, Amy and I found out a couple of weeks ago that a lady and her daughter in our neighborhood has a tradition of awarding the best Christmas decorated houses in the neighborhood.  There are three categories:
1) Best use of white lights  
2) Most humorous display
3) Most creative & elegant
On the day after Christmas, they knocked on our door and informed us that we had won the award for category #3!  Here is our award:

Of course you are wondering how creative and elegant our house was, so here you go:
I'll take credit for the candy-cane like lights and Amy was in charge of the ornaments and the wreath.  We were very surprised and excited about the award and can't wait till next year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

0 days????? No, Overtime!
You know when you are watching a good ball game and both teams are playing well and so the game ends up going to overtime.  Your immediate thought is "That's fair!".  Well, Amy has been having such a good pregnancy that we decided to go to overtime.  Claire has 3 more days to do things on her own.  We have made an appointment with the doctor for January 1st, so either way, she may not be coming home this year, but she will be here this week!

I'll keep you posted in case a game-winning shot is made in the last second of regulation time...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

1 day!
After 9 months waiting to see, feel, and smell our baby, we find ourselves one day away from the "D" day (at least we hope).  We are ready, here is our agenda for this coming week.
Monday 12/29
8:00 am: Open
9:00 am: Open
10:00 am: Open
11:00 am: Open
noon:  Lunch
1:00 pm: Open
2:00 pm: Open
3:00 pm: Open
4:00 pm: Open
5:00 pm: Open
6:00 pm: Dinner

PS:  Tuesday - Friday's agenda is identical to Monday's
Open = waiting for Claire to come.
Lunch or Dinner may be interrupted if Claire decides to come.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2 days left...

For all those who thought today was the day because it is my mom's birthday (Happy birthday mom!), or because there is a new moon, or because it is 65 degrees outside and it would be a good day to bring a baby home, or for any other reason, I am sorry to disappoint you but Claire is just not ready yet.

After seeing the pictures and videos from the ultrasounds, Amy really thinks Claire looks like me. Well, my mom sent me some of my baby pictures so I will let you be the judge:

Claire Oct 08 (-3 months old)
Dan Mar/Apr 80 (a few weeks old)
Dexter wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all!

Friday, December 26, 2008

3 days...

Wow, this feels like the longest count down ever! Some people (specially my mom and grandma) really think she is going to come tomorrow, the 27th. There is a new moon tomorrow, so maybe the new "Luna" will come.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!
We have already opened all presents, except for one, the most important one!
4 days from due date and no baby yet.

On a side story, Amy and I were driving home the other day from a St. Louis Blues hockey game and we were discussing our knowledge about the NHL and its players.  Well, let's just say we do not know much about it.  But this but this conversation triggered us to play a little game.  I bet that Amy would not be able able to name 10 NFL active players.  Although I lost the bet, it was funny to see the players she knew and why she knew them.  Here they are:
1) Peyton Manning (Peyton is a friendly guy and made appearances in several commercials and SNL skits.  Her parents also live in Indianapolis now so that helps)
2) Eli Manning (If you think that she knows him because his amazing passes at last year's Super Bowl, you are wrong.  She only knows Eli because he is Peyton's brother)
3) Tony Romo (His love affair with Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson made him popular in my wife's eyes)
4) Brett Favre (Her parents are huge Packers fans so that one was obvious)
5) Drew Brees (His is my QB in my fantasy football league team so she has heard me saying "Yeah Drew" a few too many times)
6) Marc Bulger (as the Rams' QB, she has heard his name being thrown around on the local news a few times)
note:  so far, all QB's
7) T.O. (Way too many times on the news for the wrong reasons.  Drama = fame)
8) Plaxico Burress (Recent events made him a known name, but again, for the wrong reasons)
9) Dante Hall (Ok, this is a good one.  A couple of years ago, he played for the KC Chiefs and had something like 6 TD's in punt/kickoff returns.  His speed and the fact that he was a short dude made him likable in her eyes.  He plays for the Rams now so she still hears his name every once in a while)
10) Brandon Jacobs (Besides the fact that he is a stud, we are SIUC grads so he makes us proud!)

So, for all the guys out there, try playing this game with your girls.  Ask them why they know them.  You'll have a good time.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5 days left....
For those who voted for her to be born on the 25th, it does not look like it is going to happen...but we never know!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6 days and 1 centimeter dilated.

Question, after living in the US for almost 10 years, can someone explain why Americans use their own temperature, speed, and distance measuring systems but they decided to go Metric system on us when it came to the dilatation of the.....uuhhh.....well, you know what I mean?

Monday, December 22, 2008

7 days......or ONE WEEK.

After 39 long weeks, we have one left!

Ah, before I forget, I wanted to give a shout out to Derek & Heather to congratulate them on the engagement!  Welcome to the club!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

8 days left!
Here is to a 2008 baby!
We can't wait to see you Claire.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

within single digits days from due date, it is time to make sure we packed the right things for the hospital visit:
1.  her first outfit
2.  camera
3.  car seat
4.  Amy's clothes
5.  my clothes
6.  King of Queens DVD's
7.  Bose speakers, ipod, and playlist
8.  dollar bills for the vending machine
9.  cell phone

Friday, December 19, 2008

The count down begins.....

days to due date!

Ten words that describe my current state of mind:
1. Happy
2. Excited
3. Anxious
4. Nervous
5. Expectant
6. Energized (today is my last day before my long "vacation")
7. Ready
8. Thrilled
9. Eager
10. Inspired

picture taken from

Monday, December 15, 2008


With all the latest and greatest electronic gadgets out at the stores these days like iPhone, Wii, and Blue-Ray DVDs, Amy and I had plenty of options to entertain ourselves in the next couple of months since we are going to be spending a lot of time together. Well, we decided to go old school so we got Scrabble! We figured it was the perfect X-mas present for each other since 1) It was cheap so it fits the current economy situation; 2) It is quiet, which will probably be nice when the little one is taking a nap; and 3) It exercises our brains so it will help us to recover from the diaper fumes!
And don't worry, we won't forget about our little girl during the Scrabble matches.....this is why...

Ah, we also completed our King of Queens DVD collection so maybe we did go a little high-tech!