Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!
We have already opened all presents, except for one, the most important one!
4 days from due date and no baby yet.

On a side story, Amy and I were driving home the other day from a St. Louis Blues hockey game and we were discussing our knowledge about the NHL and its players.  Well, let's just say we do not know much about it.  But this but this conversation triggered us to play a little game.  I bet that Amy would not be able able to name 10 NFL active players.  Although I lost the bet, it was funny to see the players she knew and why she knew them.  Here they are:
1) Peyton Manning (Peyton is a friendly guy and made appearances in several commercials and SNL skits.  Her parents also live in Indianapolis now so that helps)
2) Eli Manning (If you think that she knows him because his amazing passes at last year's Super Bowl, you are wrong.  She only knows Eli because he is Peyton's brother)
3) Tony Romo (His love affair with Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson made him popular in my wife's eyes)
4) Brett Favre (Her parents are huge Packers fans so that one was obvious)
5) Drew Brees (His is my QB in my fantasy football league team so she has heard me saying "Yeah Drew" a few too many times)
6) Marc Bulger (as the Rams' QB, she has heard his name being thrown around on the local news a few times)
note:  so far, all QB's
7) T.O. (Way too many times on the news for the wrong reasons.  Drama = fame)
8) Plaxico Burress (Recent events made him a known name, but again, for the wrong reasons)
9) Dante Hall (Ok, this is a good one.  A couple of years ago, he played for the KC Chiefs and had something like 6 TD's in punt/kickoff returns.  His speed and the fact that he was a short dude made him likable in her eyes.  He plays for the Rams now so she still hears his name every once in a while)
10) Brandon Jacobs (Besides the fact that he is a stud, we are SIUC grads so he makes us proud!)

So, for all the guys out there, try playing this game with your girls.  Ask them why they know them.  You'll have a good time.


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