Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a weekend!

This past weekend (or week I should say) was a busy one. As I mentioned on my last post, our friends Adam and Liz got married here in St. Louis. The wedding was great and everyone had a good time. Here are a few of the highlights of the week:

Thursday (the Bachelor party):

I take credit for this one. The theme? Golf! The groom and another 8 "players" went around 9 bars in Soulard (just south of downtown St. Louis) and played a round of "golf". Players took one shot (or had a beer) on each hole/bar. Any extra drinks would bring their scores under par. Needless to say, we ended the night with several eagles, hole in ones, and wasted players. This was the scorecard (designed by Amy):

Players a hole #2 (Llyweln's)

Wednesday (Rehearsal and Dinner):

Theme? Baseball! The rehearsal dinner was at Busch Statdium with lots of drinks and very nice food. The idea was great and it got the guests exicted for the grand finale: The wedding!

Players chiling in the dugout!

Saturday (the Wedding):
Theme? Love! Yes, love was definetly in the air. The wedding was beautiful and I was able to sweat off some of the alcohol intake from the previous couple of days....

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Mandy Rose said...

Cute wedding pics and great idea on bachelor party. Love Amy's score card creation. You are cracking me up with the "theme" part. Very metrosexual...just like J. And yes...I give you 100% credit for that wedding pic on my blog! Shout out to Dan the photographer!